Introducing Maxine Thomas

This May, Indy Hunger Network welcomed Maxine Thomas, the organization’s new Food Resource Center Program Manager.


Thomas has worked with nonprofits for over 10 years, and much of her professional and volunteering experience has pertained to anti-hunger and anti-poverty advocacy. She had previously worked with food banks across Indiana, and found that joining the team at Indy Hunger Network offered a new and exciting chance to further contribute to food justice.


“I thought this would be a great opportunity to show my leadership as well as contribute to our great city by connecting our residents with the new upcoming Food Resource Center,” Thomas said.


Over the past few months, Thomas has been researching, strategizing and building relationships with those in the local community as a part of the Food Resource Center development process. 


“This stage has included meeting great people and sharing a bit about my background, as well as the vision and hope of being able to connect residents with food, federal benefits like the SNAP program and WIC, and other food related resources that most folks would have a need for,” she explained.


Thomas is excited for the next stage of the process, where she will manage a team of food and resource navigators that will help residents get connected to sustainable benefits. The Food Resource Center will offer both in-person and virtual opportunities for residents to meet with navigators and receive resources.


“I really see this as meeting people where they are and being a welcoming, inviting and inclusive space,” Thomas said of The Food Resource Center. “Not a sterile environment, but where people can feel a sense of belonging and can come and get these resources without any form of stigma or shame.”


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