Indy Hunger Network earns New Health Issues and Challenges Grant from Indiana Department of Health

Indy Hunger Network was recently awarded with a Health Issues and Challenges Grant from the Indiana Department of Health. This grant is designed to aid organizations in developing and implementing services focused on increasing health outcomes. Indy Hunger Network was a recipient in the food insecurity and obesity category. 


With the funds provided by this grant, Indy Hunger Network has several initiatives planned in the coming months. First is expanding the healthy nudges program in partner food pantries. This program encourages the selection of healthy food in food pantries. Funds will be used to better equip pantries to provide healthy foods and encourage community members using the pantry to select healthier items. 


The funds from the Health Issues and Challenges Grant will also be used to expand our ongoing Cooking Matters program. Cooking Matters offers free cooking and nutrition education courses where participants learn to prepare and eat healthy foods on a budget as a result of their participation in classes. Indy Hunger Network has offered courses through Cooking Matters since 2015. The planned expansion from this grant includes the creation of a satellite partner program, which would allow IHN to expand Cooking Matters to 5 new counties outside of Marion County. The grant will also allow for a partnership with Riley Children’s Hospital to teach Cooking Matters for Diabetes classes to patients and families. For more on upcoming Cooking Matters expansion, check out our Cooking Matters update.


For more information about the Indiana Health Issues and Challenges Grant or to see a list of other recipients, visit:

IHN is also hiring a new Healthy Nudges Program Coordinator to assist with this program. To learn more or apply visit: