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Indy Hunger Network FAQ


Q: What is Indy Hunger Network?
A: It is a coalition of representatives of all major food providers and leading anti-hunger organizations, both public and private, in Indianapolis.


Q: Why is there a need for Indy Hunger Network?
A: The system that feeds the hungry is large and complex. For example, there are over 200 small food pantries—mostly in churches—in Indianapolis alone. Indy Hunger Network believes that by working together to make the system more efficient and effective it can dramatically reduce hunger.


Q: What does Indy Hunger Network do?
A: Indy Hunger Network builds on the strengths and capabilities of the many wonderful existing community organizations, encouraging public support of them. IHN’s goal is to identify key opportunities to make the system work better for hungry people.


Q: Who is involved in Indy Hunger Network?
A: Partners of the Indy Hunger Network include: Connect2Help, CICOA, Department of Education, EAT, Elanco, FSSA, Gleaners Food Bank, Interfaith Hunger Initiative, the Mayor’s Office, Meals on Wheels, Midwest Food Bank, Second Helpings, St. Vincent de Paul, and WIC.


Q: Who operates Indy Hunger Network?
A: Indy Hunger Network is a guiding coalition. It is a volunteer led organization.


Q: What should we expect from Indy Hunger Network?
A: Indy Hunger Network has several projects already underway. These include increasing utilization of summer lunch programs, making backpacks of weekend food available to all chronically hungry children in central Indiana, increasing access to school breakfast, and strengthening the network of food pantries.