Volunteer with the emergency food system during the COVID-19 pandemic:

If you are healthy and under 60 years old, local food pantries need your help! Community food insecurity is worse than usual, as our neighbors face unemployment and lack of school meals. Many food pantries are run primarily by older, retired volunteers, who are particularly vulnerable to the virus and therefore unable to get involved. If you’re able help, please consider volunteering your time at one of the following locations. All of the organizations listed below have taken steps to minimize social contact and to follow CDC recommendations in the pantry (e.g. drive-through pantries, grab-and-go options, and sanitizing protocols). Thank you for your help! 

Indiana’s food banks are in urgent need of volunteer help as members of the National Guard end their temporary deployment to Indiana’s food banks on September 30, 2020. Please see the recent press release from the Family and Social Services Administration for additional information, and visit operationfood.in.gov to sign up. 

Additional organizations needing additional volunteer assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic:
Harvest Time Food Pantry at Christ Church Apostolic (Volunteers needed on Wednesday evenings from 6 – 8 PM. Email L’Tonya for information.)
Hunger Inc. Food Pantry (to volunteer, email Tom)
International Gateway Community Pantry at New Wineskin Ministries (to volunteer, email William)
Irvington Community Advocacy Network (ICAN) at Downey Avenue Church
Joseph Plan Pantry at Eagle Creek Church of Christ (to volunteer, email Dale)
Mid-North Food Pantry
Servant’s Heart of Indy 
St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry
Trinity Sunday Dinners at Trinity Episcopal Church 

Please see our information sheet for information on other ways to support the hunger relief system during this time.

Volunteer with our partner organizations: