The Working Hungry

Indy Hunger Network is proud to be part of a compelling new documentary, The Working Hungry. 

The Working Hungry is a 30 minute film built around the stories of three families, and through them the stories of more than 700,000 people across the state of Indiana. Most of these are working families, and their hunger is hidden from those around them.  

This documentary asks why, in a time of low unemployment and food abundance, is food insecurity and hunger so prevalent and what can be done. The Working Hungry dives deep into the reality of food insecurity in Indiana, and what more could be done to destigmatize the conversation, more clearly understand underlying causes, and truly end hunger.

Following its airing on PBS stations, showings of The Working Hungry and relevant discussions have take place statewide at over 60 locations. 

Interested to Host a Screening of the Film in Your Community?

Use the Film Viewing & Discussion Guide below to have an even more meaningful event.

Please let us know of the time and location of your planned showing. We are happy to assist with finding panel speakers.

For more information or questions, please email Dave Miner at

Thank you for your energy to change the narrative about the working hungry and to find solutions that truly end hunger for so many of our neighbors.

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The Working Hungry was made possible by Ascension St. Vincent, Indy Hunger Network, and with additional support from Dave and Robin Miner, Steve and Cindy Gillman, and Brandt and Christine Lawson.