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The food system that feeds the hungry is large and complex. The goal of the Indy Hunger Network (IHN) is to create a system that ensures anyone who is hungry can access the nutritious food they need.

Many are in need, and many are responding, but often through individual, uncoordinated efforts. We believe that in order to end food insecurity we need to make changes that create a sustainable, coordinated system.

We have demonstrated that by working together, we can make the system more efficient and effective, dramatically reducing hunger. We’re not a food distributor, and we’re not here to usurp the authority of individual organizations.


We are a “collective impact” organization. Having looked at the food assistance system, we believe strongly that there can be enough food for all, and very soon, but only if we collaborate across boundaries of public vs. private, faith-based vs. secular, non-profit vs. for-profit.


Achieving Our Goals. Through the good work of IHN partners and many others, the number of meals provided in Marion County grew by 30 million from 2010 to 2013.

Collaborations. Working together has allowed IHN partner organizations to regularly identify opportunities for collaborative improvements to the food assistance system.

Community Awareness. Working together through events and advocacy, the partners in IHN have had a collective impact on community awareness and engagement to end hunger.

Financial Sustainability. IHN has helped our nonprofit partners improve their fundraising capabilities.

Our current efforts are focused on sustaining the increased meal supply and improving the nutritional quality of the food provided.


Whether it’s helping with a cooking class or bringing your professional skills to the cause, we are always in need of people who are passionate about ending hunger.

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