In 2017, over half a million Hoosiers reached out to Connect2Help211 via direct calls or the internet. For the needs that could be met, over 623,000 referrals were made to over 4,200 agencies. Only 10% of identified needs were unmet; of people needing food assistance, 97% of those needs were met. When individuals followed through with the information provided them by Connect2Help211, 84% reported an improvement in their situation.


Services are free and confidential and will help someone get the information they need about food. Connect2Help211 is a nonprofit organization supported primarily through philanthropic dollars. They connect people with hundreds of human service agencies available throughout Central Indiana.

Connect2Help211 serves Marion County (Indianapolis) and the surrounding counties (Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Morgan and Shelby) 24 hours a day. Connect2Help211 also provides overnight, weekend, and emergency backup for other 211 Call Centers around the state of Indiana.

Visit for more information on their services or to find the nearest food available to you.


Federal programs like SNAP, which currently helps one in seven Americans, offer families the extra help they need to purchase nutritious food during difficult times—yet many in need have no idea they are eligible for assistance. Feeding America is a free resource that can be used to help people understand the benefits they may be eligible for from SNAP and other federal and charitable programs.