Indy Hunger Network provides training and networking opportunities for the nearly 200 food pantries in Indianapolis.
Our focus is on helping existing pantries collaborate with other pantries, increase their effectiveness, and adopt best practices. 

Food Pantry Networking Summit

Indy Hunger Network organizes an annual Food Pantry Network Summit, which convenes all food pantries Indianapolis for a day of networking, training, and connecting with other organizations. We held this event in-person in 2018 and 2019. Due to COVID-19, we are currently offering our Virtual Pantry Summit Series, which consists of free, monthly, one-hour sessions on a variety of relevant topics. 

Food Pantry Coalition Groups

Marion County has almost 200 food pantries. In order to bring neighboring pantry leaders together to learn from one another and collaborate, Indy Hunger Network facilitates quarterly meetings for pantry leaders in five different geographic groups across the county. These meetings are informal opportunities for nearby pantry leaders to connect with and learn from one another. To join the next meeting, contact us

Manual of Best Practices

With input from food pantry leaders and our partner organizations, Indy Hunger Network compiled the Manual of Best Practices for Food Pantries in 2020. This document outlines strategies pantries can adopt to increase their effectiveness. The manual begins with a Self-Assessment, and includes ideas for connecting with local organizations. If your food pantry needs a hard copy, please contact us

Grant Program for Food Pantries

Since 2015, Indy Hunger Network has funded capital improvements to build capacity within the largest pantries in Indianapolis. In 2020, we offered small grants to food pantries of all sizes in Marion County. These grants funded projects that would increase capacity, improve operations, and implement best practices. Learn more about our 2020 grant recipients, and apply now for the 2021 Grant Program

Healthy Nudges Assistance

Indy Hunger Network offers technical assistance to food pantries in Central Indiana that are working to encourage their clients to select healthy food options in the pantry. IHN can help pantries implement these “healthy nudges” by sharing information, resources, and hands-on assistance. If your pantry would like to schedule a time to discuss healthy nudges, please contact us

Data Collection

 Indianapolis has a large and complex emergency food system. Through our Food Pantry Network, we work to maintain accurate data sets and maps of food pantries in Marion County. Keeping track of where food pantries are located and how residents can utilize them helps us better understand the emergency food system and its trends.